Odds and Ends in Nottingham

Odds and Ends in Nottingham

April 01 2022


NCCIA has come to a decision on our policy regarding swings and other play equipment in homeowners’ yards. Per law, we are in the process of recording it with the county and it should be in place within the month. We will communicate to homeowners when it is in place and the particulars of the policy.


We are happy to see so many homeowners undertaking repairs or improvements to their homes. Please remember that any external work must be approved by NCCIA before it is done. It’s super easy to do these days; it can be done online and most requests are approved within a day or two. You can submit your requests here: chaparralmanagement.com/homeowner-info.

It would be much better to ask beforehand than have to pay to have work redone because it doesn’t meet NCCIA approval. That has happened in the past.


In case you missed the announcement, the March 2022 issue of Nottingham News was the last edition that will be printed. We encourage you to peruse Krenek Printing’s online version of the newsletter, as well as the other news and information on the site about events that are happening in our area.

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Just as an FYI, Chaparral Management Company sends out between 11-17 welcome letters to new NC residents each month. … NCCIA board member Heather Nordhaus is looking into ideas for a community event in the spring. Stay tuned for details! … You may not be aware of the fact that NCCIA helps in maintaining the trees in the esplanades on Fry Road from I-10 to Kingsland and also on Kingsland from Fry to Westgreen. Harris County owns the land, but we mow and maintain the trees. New trees were recently added to these areas.

Proud to serve you,

NCCIA Board of Directors

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