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My Neighborhood News supports over 130 subdivisions across the West Houston, Katy, Tomball and North Houston areas through informative, thoughtfully crafted webpages designed to serve each individual neighborhood.

With many engagement opportunities each month, our personalized subdivision pages are the perfect place to get targeted advertisement for your business. From feature stories to sponsored content that positions your business as a leader in your industry, to brand awareness campaigns that make your brand a recognizable name for thousands, My Neighborhood News is here to support your business goals. 

We take a thoughtful, personalize approach with each business we work with and want to leverage solutions that will help your business thrive. Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one strategy meeting with our expert team. We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you in support of your business and the community!

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Why Advertise With Us

My Neighborhood News is about so much more than sharing information. Our mission is to bring people, organizations and local businesses together in ways that build up and strengthen our communities - where we live, work and play. This synergy of connectivity enhances our daily lives through meaningful relationships, working towards common goals and a sense of belonging.

Why Advertise with Us

We understand the importance of how this connection stimulates and strengthens the local economy. Supporting local businesses creates jobs and money paid for goods and services is invested right back in their community. With affordable, broad-reaching advertising, our advertisers get maximum visibility without straining budgets. Our flexible advertising options give businesses ranging from sole proprietors to large corporations an opportunity to promote their business to their target market areas.

With a foundation of positive messaging, we envision My Neighborhood News to be a place where readers, HOA boards, community managers and local businesses can come together to protect their investments, support one another and secure a better tomorrow for generations to come.



We serve over 130 neighborhoods and bring an added value to the residents through diverse, easily accessible content. My Neighborhood News is a dynamic resource where residents can discover local area events and organizations in one place, as well as find information about their individual subdivision. Many of the neighborhoods we serve have trusted us as their top resource for decades. 


As pioneers of the printed subdivision newsletter sector in West Houston and Katy, we have a deeply rooted passion for supporting communities on the neighborhood level. For over 45 years, we have remained dedicated to providing a meaningful platform to small businesses for the continued growth of the communities we serve.

Our Staff

We have a dedicated, hard working team of talented individuals who live in the neighborhoods we serve. We understand that the support of the local businesses who advertise with us make this platform possible. As such, we are committed to promoting brand awareness through strategically placed, attractive advertisements across our website. We strive to make your experience with us pleasant, and your advertising campaign successful.

Online Accessibility

Our loyal readers can catch up on their neighborhood news wherever they are, whenever they want to see it. With content uploaded to the site regularly, readers will be incentivized to visit the site multiple times per month to catch up on neighborhood and area news and events, as well as brush up on subdivision policies and procedures.


With ads strategically placed on every page across the website, readers will potentially see your ad multiple times while visiting My Neighborhood News. 

Every week, we send a digest email to all website subscribers specific to their neighborhood or region, which includes exclusive, limited advertising for maximum exposure and reader engagement. With digest emails, subscribers are proactively encouraged to visit the site at least four times per month.

“You guys really run a top notch family business that truly helps your community!! I've seen evidence of that in other ways as well. Makes me proud to be part of a community with businesses like yours."


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