Meet The Cast of Stageworks Theatre's Production of 9 to 5 the Musical

Meet The Cast of Stageworks Theatre's Production of 9 to 5 the Musical

August 24 2023

By Julie Montgomery, Stageworks Theatre

Meet Camee Faulk, a Stageworks Theatre newbie, and we are glad we found her! In 9 to 5 the Musical, based on the 1980 film of the same name, Camee is excited to fill the shoes of the amazing Lily Tomlin, playing Violet, the company's Head Secretary and Mr. Hart's Administrative Assistant. When the show premiered on Broadway, Violet was portrayed by Allison Janney, who you probably know from The Help, Tonya, The West Wing and many other movies and TV shows. Violet is a witty, smart, efficient, widowed mother of a teenage son who is constantly passed up for promotion in the boys’-club world of climbing the corporate ladder. She runs the office from her desk while her boss takes the credit.

Camee holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts Education from Brigham Young University and has been a high school theatre director for 12 years. She is currently the Head Theatre Director at Kingwood High School. Camee’s favorite past roles include Annabelle in Lucky Stiff, Logainne in Spelling Bee, and Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors. In the audience cheering, you'll see her husband and three children.

1. Welcome to Stageworks! How long have you been performing and what have been some of your favorite roles? Thank you! I have been performing technically since middle school and more professionally since 2011. Some of my favorite roles have been Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre in Spelling Bee, Annabelle Glick in Lucky Stiff, and Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors.

2. What enticed you to audition for 9 to 5? I moved to Houston three years ago and have had a really hard time finding a show to audition for that fit my schedule. When I saw the 9 to 5 audition notice, I couldn't believe it could actually work out! 9 to 5 is also a dream show as I typically gravitate toward comedic female characters--and there are so many in this musical!

3. Tell us about your character in 9 to 5. Violet Newstead is a widow who has been working at Consolidated Industries for 15 thankless years. She has HAD IT with what she calls the "old boys club," and wants (and deserves!) to get promoted. She is blunt and sassy and her one-liners absolutely kill me!

4. How are you like/NOT alike your character? I can absolutely relate to Violet's dry humor and definitely her work ethic. I know how it feels to work hard for something and just feel like you never quite make it there. Unlike Violet, I am luckily NOT a widow and my oldest son is only 10, not quite a teenager (thank heavens).

5. When you’re not onstage, how do you spend your time? I am the head theatre director at Kingwood High School, so the majority of my time is spent teaching theatre classes and directing shows! Outside of ALL theatre, I spend my time shuttling my three kids to various activities, scrolling TikTok, and reading (a LOT).

6. What should I have asked you? Maybe what are some of my dream roles? Fine, I'll tell you. They are Fiona in Shrek, Morticia Addams in The Addams Family, Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, and basically anything in Drowsy Chaperone.

7. What’s the best thing about Stageworks? Everyone here is incredibly kind and welcoming right off the bat. The directing team is wonderfully organized and everyone works so hard but also has so much fun! It is a great environment!

Grab your tickets to 9 to 5 the Musical - and don't forget that Thursdays are Ladies Nights (all presenting ladies receive a complimentary beverage). We're also helping women with a female business clothing drive for Dress for Success.

Stageworks Theatre, founded in 2005, is a not-for-profit performing arts and educational organization with a passion for entertaining, enlightening, and engaging audiences in Northwest Harris County. Winner in seven categories for the Broadway World Houston Awards, Stageworks was named Houston's "Best Gem of a Theater" by the Houston Pressand "Best Arts and Entertainment" by the "Best of the Northwest" Readers' Choice awards. The organization is a proud winner of the prestigious national American Association of Community Theatre Twink Lynch Organizational Award.

Stageworks produces a broad mix of classics, comedies, dramas, musicals and new works. Through its award-winning Acting Academy, Stageworks offers acting, singing and dance classes, and performance opportunities for all ages. To purchase tickets, sign up for auditions or classes, or for more information, please visit or call 281-587-6100.

Source: Stageworks Theatre

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