Volunteer Baking Enthusiasts Needed

Volunteer Baking Enthusiasts Needed

March 13 2023

For Goodness Cakes, a nationwide nonprofit with 26 chapters, is seeking new Chapter Leaders to run their Houston Chapter. For Goodness Cakes helps organize volunteers to bake and deliver cakes to organizations that serve foster and underprivileged children and young adults, ensuring that they receive a birthday or graduation cake and feel recognized, celebrated, and loved on their special day. This sweet moment might be the only memory a child going through the foster care system remembers – or wants to remember – for the entire year.

“Our former Chapter Leader, Michelle, has been absolutely amazing in establishing and growing the chapter,” says Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Jess Churchill, “but life circumstances, especially post-Covid, have changed a lot of our Chapter Leaders’ schedules. We’ve had a few move out of the cities they were leading and some have started families – hooray! – but that leaves little time to run a well-loved organization, which we completely understand.”  

The Houston Chapter is looking for two or three Chapter “Co-Leaders” to help facilitate the Chapter in a hybrid online and in-person role. They would be responsible for recruiting partner agencies and new volunteers, celebrating existing volunteers, getting the word out, day-to-day operations, and fundraising. Fundraising fees go mostly toward the software membership For Goodness Cakes uses and extra money goes toward volunteer and partner recognition, adorable swag, and a fund for Headquarters to use to help run the nationwide organization. Currently, it is a 100% volunteer-run organization including the two Co-Founders and executive staff, but on occasion they hire contract fundraising managers or interns to help reduce workload when appropriate.

“We’re open to having one person run the Houston Chapter, but it can be a lot of work,” said Jaime Lehman, Co-Founder and Executive Director, “We tell our solo Chapter Leads they’ll have to dedicate at least 20 hours per week to run a Chapter and they’ve gone above and beyond. New York City has three Co-Chapter Leaders and it works perfectly for them because of how many boroughs there are. If you have more than one person, you can split up the tasks to your preference like one person running the Instagram account and taking care of fundraising, while the other person runs the daily operations, and a third person helps out even more, but we also understand that some people like taking it all on. You can also bring on a volunteer Chapter Ambassador to help out.”

  Interested volunteers can send an email to info@forgoodnesscakes.org with the subject line: Houston Chapter Lead Interview. There is an interview process for all candidates and, if selected, there will be a mandatory e-learning training that will help guide the new Chapter Leaders to success. They’ll work with one of the Regional Directors to onboard and after that, a staff of 30+ people will help get the new team settled in.
To learn how you can help support For Goodness Cakes’ mission to bring smiles to kids and young adults overcoming adversity through financial or volunteer donations in Houston, please go to their website at forgoodnesscakes.org/houston

About For Goodness Cakes

For Goodness Cakes is a female-founded 501(c)(3) nonprofit that matches volunteers to bake and hand-deliver birthday and graduation cakes to youth, ages 1-28, in foster care and underprivileged youth on their special day. With humble beginnings, it was started in 2016 by Jaime Lehman and Jess Churchill, For Goodness Cakes is now a nationwide organization with 26 chapters spread across the United States. The nonprofit is made up of more than 5,500 volunteers, 550 partner agencies, and has delivered more than 16,500 cakes to youth overcoming adversity nationwide. For more information about how you can help, visit www.forgoodnesscakes.org.

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