Unleash Your Artistic Potential at the Art League of Fort Bend County

Unleash Your Artistic Potential at the Art League of Fort Bend County

March 19 2024

Unleash your inner artist at the Art League of Fort Bend County, a non-profit organization that's been nurturing creativity since 1957. Offering a variety of art classes open to the public, the league is your one-stop destination for exploring the beautiful world of art.

Embark on a journey of artistic discovery with classes ranging from oil painting and photography to ceramics and stained glass. Children and adults alike can benefit from dedicated classes, tailored to cater to all skill levels. For those interested in music, the Art League of Fort Bend County also offers guitar classes.

Every Tuesday and Friday, the Fort Bend Art Center hosts an 'Open Art Day'. From 10 am to 5 pm, artists are invited to bring their preferred medium and enjoy the fellowship of fellow creatives while working on new pieces. This is an opportunity not to be missed for all art enthusiasts!

The Art League also extends its educational outreach with monthly Demos and Workshops, each focusing on specific topics or techniques. With these demonstrations, you get the chance to gain deep insights and practical knowledge on various aspects of art, from the comfort of your home.

Award winning Plein air artist Chuck Rawle provided a demo on “Value Keys." (Source: Art League of Fort Bend County)

Prices vary based on the class or workshop selected, but you are guaranteed value, expertise, and creativity in each offering. To view the full class schedule, visit artleaguefortbend.org/alfb-home/events-and-classes and click on 'TeamUp'. You can view the schedule by week, month, or as a list – whatever suits your planning style best.

All registrations are managed by the class instructors. For detailed information and to enroll, please contact the instructor directly. They will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

The Art League of Fort Bend County invites you to embrace your creativity and explore the boundless possibilities that art offers. 

By Tiffany Krenek, My Neighborhood News 

Tiffany Krenek has been on the My Neighborhood News team since August 2021. She is passionate about curating and sharing content that enriches the lives of our readers in a personal, meaningful way. A loving mother and wife, Tiffany and her family live in the West Houston/Cypress region.

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