Tell Your Story and Inspire Your Neighbors

Tell Your Story and Inspire Your Neighbors

June 29 2023

At My Neighborhood News, we are passionate about sharing news and information about the good stuff going on in your community. We want to do the same right here in your neighborhood by showcasing inspirational stories, accomplishments, or acts of kindness by residents in your neighborhood of all ages. Examples include, but are certainly not limited to, overcoming cancer, leading a special initiative in your neighborhood or broader community like cleaning up a park, forming a meal chain for a sick neighbor, or befriending an elderly neighbor and checking in on them periodically. 

Check out this sweet story about a resident and published author in Hearthstone, a tight-knit subdivision located in the Copperfield area. This is exactly the kind of news we want to share with your neighbors! To read the article, click the article preview below.

The person of interest featured in each article must live in one of the subdivisions we serve on our site. If you would like to share your story with the neighborhood, or nominate a neighbor to be featured, send in your stories to Please be sure to include any photos you may have that relate to your story, your names, and what neighborhood you and your person of interest live in. Need help writing your story? We can do that, too - just let us know.

Once reviewed and accepted, your story could appear on your neighborhood page and be featured on the weekly email digest! We can't wait to hear about your wonderful neighbors!

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