Nottingham 2023 Board Accomplishments

Nottingham 2023 Board Accomplishments

November 20 2023

2023 Board Accomplishments

We appointed 4 new members and successfully integrating them into the board, established New Committee’s to get our neighborhood residents more evolved! We have worked hard to listen to and execute on item’s raised by our residents in a timely fashion.


We welcomed Sgt. Flores as Sgt. Felix transitioned to a new assignment, renewed our constable’s contract and established a relationship with Ted Heap's office. The constables have significantly stepped-up traffic enforcement and presence at challenging areas. In addition, we worked with Constables to increase and document speeding and traffic enforcement around the schools and neighborhood. Anytime there is an extended leave due to illness or vacation we put a temporary deputy in the vacant position. Our average response time is under 10 minutes for non-emergency calls and under 5 minutes for emergency calls. The Sheriff can take hours to respond to non-emergency calls. They are also setting it up to where non-emergency calls are cleared by phone or online instead of sending a deputy out. The first committee meeting will be held in January 2024. Date to be announced by mid- November.


Completed clean-out of pine needles and dead limbs, installation of fresh mulch and seasonal flowers on all medians from Rennie to Westgreen, and complete revitalization of the Dominion entrance and esplanades. Major change for the better with future projects in play! Be on the lookout for Yard of the Season signs over the next few weeks! In partnership with Chaparral Management, we set up an “eye on water” account to monitor water leaks, including a “how to” document for future users. This resulted in 3 leaks being shut off within hours of occurring. Conducted our first committee meeting in September and will have our next in mid-November!


Established bi-annual kiddie mulch refresh for all playgrounds at Rennie Park. Completed tree trimming at Rennie Park. Completed restoration of walking trail with crushed granite installation and cleanup. Power washed play equipment and pavilions. Park lighting repair & one fixture replaced

Community Relations

We had a great turnout for the “Back to School Pool Party” and hosted our first annual NNO event that was a huge success! In addition, we partnered with Nottingham Mom's club for the Easter egg hunt and future events. The Nottingham mom’s group has an event every third Thursday at El Tiempo - options are endless! 


Explored New Vendors! We hired a new concrete contractor - JD Solutions - to do the alleyway repair this year resulting in 20% plus cost savings and a better quality of specs. The new cement contractor will conduct 3 repairs by year end. The new alleyway contractor hired and the first repair was successfully completed in November. This will help us evaluate contractors for 2024 work.

Deed Restrictions

We created a committee to review the Deed Restrictions and ask for residents to volunteer for input, as well as reviewed to determine that no immediate updates are needed at this time. The committee will review further in 2024 ACC and deed restriction process for streamlining and eliminating redundant steps along with short term rental issues when Texas Supreme court issues rulings.

Friendly reminder: Deed restrictions are strictly enforced by the Nottingham Country CIA. A copy of the Deed Restrictions, the Architectural Control Guidelines, and ACC application can be obtained by accessing Nottingham Country CIA will initiate legal action when warranted to enforce deed restrictions. In an effort to maintain property values, deed restrictions require that exterior changes be approved by the Nottingham Country Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to commencing the work. Your application must be submitted to the committee through Chaparral Management Company-Katy. Thank you again for your continued feedback and we look forward to continuing to work with you to keep our neighborhood safe!

Future Project’s Under Consideration:

  • Annual electronic voting for BOD members
  • Website re-design and update
  • Quarterly Electronic and Bi-annual paper newsletter
  • Remove old steel edging from 18 flowerbeds located at tips of medians and replace with new steel edging.
  • Identify and prioritize any landscaping needs (aesthetic and irrigation related) for 32 cul-de-sacs, Westgreen and Fry/Kingsland entrances plus other common areas.
  • Revitalization of Rennie Park to include repainting pavilions, new volleyball court nets and sand.

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