Multiple Fort Bend County Agencies Collaborate to Implement New Safety Measures

Multiple Fort Bend County Agencies Collaborate to Implement New Safety Measures

October 16 2023

Following the recent fatal collision in a Mason Road crosswalk, there has, understandably, been an increase in public concern about the safety of pedestrian crossings in the Cinco Ranch area. In the days since the tragedy, Commissioner Vincent Morales, Constable Chad Norvell, Fort Bend County Road & Bridge and Fort Bend County Engineering have been coordinating on steps to be taken to help maintain mobility for and minimize risk to all road users.

This week, Road and Bridge has been updating signage and pavement markings to be consistent with State law that requires drivers to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Specifically, the signs reading “YIELD here for pedestrians” are being replaced with “STOP here for pedestrians” and the yield lines on the pavement are being replaced with stop lines.

Engineering and Road and Bridge are also evaluating landscaping at these crossings to ensure that vehicles and pedestrians have adequate visibility of each other.

County staff has also begun the design work to upgrade mid-block trail crossings on four-lane major thoroughfares from flashing yellow warning lights to HAWK signals (also referred to as Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons). More information about HAWK signals can be found here:

Notable features of the HAWK signal installations will include:
  • Signal heads located over the travel lanes, similar to full traffic signals
  • Drivers receive a red indication, legally requiring a stop
  • Pedestrians have a WALK/DON’T WALK countdown signal head, similar to full traffic signals
  • Audible pedestrian pushbutton tone provides cue to pedestrian to push it in order to activate signal and cross
  • Full nighttime illumination of the crosswalk, similar to other signalized intersections
  • AC power for reliability in winter months and on cloudy days.
The upgrades will occur in stages, with the highest priority being given to the three Willow Fork trail crossings near school campuses:
  • Mason Road near Creech Elementary
  • Fry Road near Beck Junior High
  • Westheimer Parkway near Williams Elementary

To the best extent possible, the County will be making procurement and material decisions that will prioritize shortening the time until installation. Still, given the time required to procure equipment and obtain electrical service, activation of these signals is not anticipated until spring of 2024.

The next immediate priority will be three of the Buffalo Bayou Trail crossings:
  • Fry Road
  • Mason Road
  • Peek Road

The County has been working with the Willow Fork Drainage District about replacing the fourth of these crossings, Cinco Ranch Boulevard, with a pedestrian underpass. Depending on the timing of that project, it is possible this crossing may have a HAWK signal added in the interim as well.

Additionally, the Engineering Department will be assessing other locations of high pedestrian activity to determine if further safety treatments are warranted. Please reach out to them at for any areas that need additional evaluation.

Finally, please report all damaged, missing, or malfunctioning traffic control devices to

Source: Fort Bend County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office

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