Inside the Mayde Creek CTE Welding Program: Where Culture Matters

Inside the Mayde Creek CTE Welding Program: Where Culture Matters

February 13 2024

Mayde Creek High School’s (MCHS) Career and Technical Education (CTE) welding program has achieved remarkable success under the guidance of their teacher, Mr. Ronald Mushinski. Their success transcends mere skill development; within this program lies a shared purpose and passion, and the camaraderie that exists has created an atmosphere where friendships are forged, and professionals are made. That is the culture of the MCHS welding program.

“I am so proud of their hard work and dedication as they continue to learn and grow individually as welders and collectively as a cohesive team. Their bond is so strong, which speaks to their character,” said Mushinski. “Their efforts and talent have already produced outstanding results so far this year, evident in the certifications they’ve obtained. I am so proud and excited about the opportunities and experiences awaiting them after high school graduation. They have such a bright future ahead of them,” he added.

Competing in the Texas High School Welding Series (TXHSWS), these students have entered five competitions so far this school year, consistently finishing in the top 10 among fields that consist of over 100 competitors.

Mayde Creek High School welding students. (Source: Katy ISD)

Earlier this season, the team of six students placed second overall in an underwater welding competition. Among those six students was junior Rene Sandoval, who excelled individually and secured a spot in an upcoming underwater welding competition. Here, participants are fully immersed in a dive tank where they will be tasked to navigate the difficult challenges that come with welding underwater.

When asked about his affinity for underwater welding, Sandoval replied, “Underwater welding presents its own set of challenges, and the added aesthetics make it such a unique and fun experience.” With a clear career trajectory in mind, he shared, “I truly love the process of working on a project that could benefit the world and completing it to perfection.”

Senior Emilio Zuniga echoed his teammate's sentiments, expressing gratitude for the invaluable experience gained through the Mayde Creek welding team. “Being part of this team has not only honed my skills but has also solidified my passion for the profession. I aspire to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University, furthering my education and skills,” he stated.

The team’s next competition is on Saturday, February 17, in Hutto, Texas. This event marks another chapter in their journey through the TXHSWS series of contests, culminating at the State Competition later this school year in Waco, Texas. The resilience and unity among the students of the MCHS welding program serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence, and most importantly, the culture they have established.  

Source: Katy ISD

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