From the NCCIA Board of Directors

From the NCCIA Board of Directors

April 25 2022




The NCCIA board has landed on a policy regarding swings and other playground equipment, and per state law, it has been recorded with Harris County. Before we discuss the particulars, we would like to review the policy we have had in place since the early 2000s.
At that time, the board allowed TWO swings per front yard, and obviously swings and playground equipment then were very different from what they are today. In recent years, we have seen tire swings and baby car seats in front yards, as well as jungle gyms, obstacle courses and hanging pods.
We have been receiving a number of complaints from homeowners about the situation, so we decided to address it. We asked for homeowner input, and we had a good 20 homeowners attend the HOA meeting a few months ago to discuss the issue. We also reviewed policies from other neighborhoods as well.
Our new policy allows for up to TWO swings in the front yard. Obviously the definition of a swing can vary greatly, but the best way to describe it is that it is something that is defined as a swing when you purchase it. It does not include tires or car seats. Regarding ALL other playground equipment, it is allowed to be placed in the front yard for a limited time, but must be removed within 48 hours.
We did not establish a policy regarding backyards, and therefore we will not be monitoring what is placed there. We do ask you to be courteous to your neighbors in this regard, however.
We also ask that if you have a swing in place and it is no longer being used, please take it down. If you have chains or ropes up with no swing, please remove those as well.
We worked very hard to come up with a policy that we feel is fair to all concerned. We will be citing homeowners who violate the new rules. We are committed to maintaining our home values, and aesthetics play a huge role in that equation.


We have been receiving a ton of architectural applications for homeowners who want to make improvements to their homes. We are grateful folks are asking for approval before starting the work. Almost all requests are approved, and most are approved within a week’s time.
Just as an FYI, landscaping changes do not have to be submitted, even if you’re planting trees.
If you’re interested in making changes to your home, here is a link to the form you’ll need to fill out: The photo that accompanies this story gives an overview of potential improvements that are listed on the form.


We are happy to report that Boy Scout Troop 209 will be placing 15 flags in the esplanades on Kingsland Blvd (between Fry and Westgreen) for patriotic holidays this year. Well done lads!


The Heavy Trash Day in April was a huge success; more material was collected that day than ever before. … Please sweep the leaves and pollen off your sidewalks, driveways and streets. We do not want to contribute to flooding issues, so that material must be kept out of the storm drains. … School will be out soon, so please watch your speed in the neighborhood. Mischief also increases in the summer. It’s best if you park your cars in the garage, but if not, please do not leave valuables in your cars.


We have one foreclosure to report: 20630 Prince Creek, and it is owned by Wells Fargo Bank.


911 Calls: 1
Accident Major: 1
Accident Minor: 1
Assault: 1                                       
Alarms: 22                   
Animal Humane/Aggressive: 1
Arrest: 2          
Burglary of Habitation: 1          
Burglary Motor Vehicle: 3
Civil Process: 8
Check Rennie Park: 25  
Computer Crimes: 1
Criminal Mischief: 1                             
Death (Non-specific): 2
Discharge Firearms: 2
Disturbance/Loud noise/Other: 2                      
Disturbance Family: 6
DWI: 2
Found Property: 1
Fraud related calls: 1                
General Information Calls: 46
Incident Follow Up Calls: 4        
Medical Emergency Calls: 1
Mental Health Calls: 2
Meet the Citizen: 40                 
Neighborhood Checks: 238
Reports: 8                    
Recovered Vehicle: 1    
Stranded Motorist: 2    
Suspicious Persons: 16
Suspicious Vehicles/Abandoned: 22
Telephone Harrassment: 1
Traffic Stops: 38
Vacation Watches: 14
Welfare Checks: 4
Don’t forget that if you see suspicious activity, please notify our office so we can respond accordingly. The Precinct 5 dispatch number is 281-463-6666.
– Sgt. R. Felix, Precinct 5

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