Forty Katy ISD Campuses Earn Prestigious Energy Star Certification

Forty Katy ISD Campuses Earn Prestigious Energy Star Certification

September 26 2023

Forty Katy Independent School District campuses have earned the Energy Star Certification by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star certified buildings are verified to perform in the top 25 percent of buildings nationwide.

Katy ISD’s operations and campus teams continue to conserve energy through strategies that include fine-tuning air conditioning (AC) run times, identifying unused AC/lighting schedules, overnight equipment checks, updating technology and other protocols.  These energy efficient practices save the district approximately $2 million per year.

“Thanks to the community support of the bond projects, the Katy ISD Operations Division has been able to install new equipment that is both energy-efficient and more reliable for campuses and district facilities,” said Chief Operations Officer Ted Vierling. “Through future bond projects and component replacements, additional Katy ISD campuses and facilities will be evaluated and added to this prestigious list,” Vierling added.

Katy ISD Secondary Campus Principals

Katy ISD is has committed to making energy conservation a priority due to the rising cost of electricity, gas and water.  Every dollar saved on these utilities amounts to greater funding that can be redirected to classrooms, teachers and students. 

The Energy Star certification based on key factors like occupancy, hours of operation, and other metrics. ENERGY STAR is the only energy efficiency certification in the United States that is based on actual, verified energy performance.

The following campuses have been awarded the Energy Star certification:

Elementary Campuses
  1. Alexander Elementary
  2. Bear Creek Elementary
  3. Bethke Elementary
  4. Bryant Elementary
  5. Campbell Elementary
  6. Cimarron Elementary
  7. Creech Elementary
  8. Davidson Elementary
  9. Exley Elementary
  10. Fielder Elementary
  11. Franz Elementary
  12. Golbow Elementary
  13. Hayes Elementary
  14. Holland Elementary
  15. Jenks Elementary
  16. Kilpatrick Elementary
  17. Leonard Elementary
  18. McElwain Elementary
  19. Memorial Parkway Elementary
  20. Nottingham Country Elementary
  21. Randolph Elementary
  22. Rhoads Elementary
  23. Rylander Elementary
  24. Shafer Elementary
  25. Stanley Elementary
  26. Stephens Elementary
  27. Sundown Elementary
  28. West Memorial Elementary
  29. Williams Elementary
  30. Wilson Elementary
  31. Wolfe Elementary
  32. Wolman Elementary
  33. Wood Creek Elementary
Junior High Campuses
  1. Adams Junior High
  2. Beckendorff Junior High
  3. McMeans Junior High
  4. Memorial Parkway Junior High
  5. West Memorial Junior High
High School Campuses
  1. Jordan High School
  2. Tompkins High School
Source: Katy ISD

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