Fort Bend Women's Center Launches Annual Measure Up 4 Kids Campaign

Fort Bend Women's Center Launches Annual Measure Up 4 Kids Campaign

July 20 2023

It's Almost Back to School Time!

Do you remember the excitement of getting new school supplies? Crisp white paper and sharp pencils and crayons? A colorful backpack or a binder in your favorite color? For children of domestic violence, the anticipation of going back to school is often overshadowed by uncertainty and anxiety. Some have had to flee a dangerous situation with little more than the clothes on their back and others are living with financial and housing issues - burdens no child should have to bear. 

Every year, the Fort Bend Women's Center (FMWC) hosts their Measure Up 4 Kids campaign, which makes it possible for the children in their programs to have the support they need for the new school year. The FBWC is dedicated to providing excellent youth programming so that these children and teens have a worry-free school year and access to the services they need in a healthy environment. Whether that means homework assistance, proper equipment and supplies, or after school care and tutoring, the FBWC is committed to their FBWC children.

Did You Know?

Children are often referred to as the “silent victims” of domestic abuse but the effects on them can be profound leading to emotional and behavioral issues including depression, anxiety, PTSD, defiance or aggression. It can also affect their health, school performance and social development. Through play, toys allow children to express their experiences and feelings and guide their own healing process. 

Hear from Fort Bend Women's Center staff about how to help child survivors heal through play.

The FBWC offers a wide range of services designed to help victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse become truly independent of abuse and to live a life free of violence and fear. Since its founding in 1980, the Fort Bend Women’s Center has helped more than 54,000 survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Fort Bend Women's Center is the primary provider of assistance services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Fort Bend County. 

From help with finding housing to assistance with accessing resources for education, training, financial assistance, legal assistance and other sources of practical support, the FBWC works with clients for as long as they need. Their Counseling team offers a wide range of programs to help clients make sense of what has happened to them and manage any issues clients might have as a result of the abuse experienced. The FBWC also has a child development team to help client's children cope. The FBWC's support services can be administered through their Counseling Center in Fort Bend or remotely. 

You can make a difference for FBWC's little survivors. You can give them hope for a brighter future. Donations can be made on a monthly or one-time basis, and even in honor or in memory of a loved one. Click here to donate today.
Source: FBWC

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