Fort Bend County Residents Approve $865 Million Mobility and Park and Recreation Bonds

Fort Bend County Residents Approve $865 Million Mobility and Park and Recreation Bonds

November 08 2023

The outcome of the November 7, 2023 election regarding the proposed Mobility and Parks Bonds reflects the collective voice of the residents of Fort Bend County. Their votes to approve the bonds are instrumental in shaping the trajectory of the County in the future.

The $712 million Mobility Bond and the $153 million Park and Recreation Bond, which were put forward to address critical infrastructure and recreational needs, generated considerable interest and engagement from residents, businesses, and stakeholders alike. 

Over the past few months, Judge George has organized nearly two dozen community information meetings throughout the County. These meetings aimed to educate residents about the projects and pressing need for Proposition A (Mobility) and Proposition (B) Parks and Recreation Bonds.

"This is really a quality of life issue. The purpose is to make it more efficient for our residents so we can sustain our exponential growth,” stated Judge George. “The voters spoke and showed their strong support for moving the County forward. The approval of the Mobility and Parks Bond is a testament to their vision for the future.”

The Mobility Bond targets improvements to transportation infrastructure, including road maintenance, and new road construction that aims to reduce traffic congestion, enhance safety, and make commuting more efficient for residents.

There are 70 new roadway projects and over 20 projects that are traffic and pedestrian improvement projects. Projects include FM 2759 from FM 762 to the city of Thompsons. The current asphalt road will connect to the future bridge when the Fort Bend Toll Road is extended over the Brazos River. The bridge will bring a significant amount of traffic to Thompsons, so the FM 2759 project is necessary to take on the higher demand.

The Parks and Recreation Bond prioritizes the development and enhancement of parks, recreational facilities, and open spaces. Some of the projects include creating a safe crossover from Freedom Park in Precinct 1 across Westheimer Parkway, constructing a senior center in Precinct 2 in Rosenberg, in Precinct 3 building a splash pad and cricket field in Sta-Mo Park, and re-opening the T.W. Davis YMCA in Precinct 4.

In addition to Judge George's efforts, a dedicated team from the County has been actively involved in sharing information about the Mobility and Park and Recreation Bonds. County Auditor Ed Sturdivant, County Compliance Officer Chris Breaux, County Engineer Stacy Slawinski, Assistant County Engineer Ike Akinwande, Parks and Recreation Department Director Darren McCarthy, and Special Projects Manager Gwendolyn Climmons have tirelessly engaged with various chambers of commerce, organizations, and economic development councils throughout the County.

Source: Fort Bend County

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