NCCIA Addresses Homeless Issue

NCCIA Addresses Homeless Issue

October 26 2022

During the last two NCCIA board meetings, the board has discussed the topic of homeless support services in the neighborhood and the potential impact they can have. We would like to summarize the key points of the discussion for homeowners who were not able to attend the meetings.
  1. The safety of the community is of the utmost importance to the board. The constable attends our monthly meeting to share crime statistics for the month prior, and then these statistics are published in the online newsletter that is produced by Krenek Printing. (If you haven't already, please sign up to receive the digital newsletter here: Click here to review crime statistics for  August.
  1. The NCCIA only has authority on property we own and property subject to our deed restrictions. This does NOT include several areas that are in the general vicinity of Nottingham Country, such as: the business district along Kingsland, the shopping center by Target on Fry, the wooded area at I-10 and Westgreen, or the underpasses along I-10. These are privately owned properties and are not subject to NCCIA deed restrictions or governance.
  2. If you see ongoing crime or have concerns on NCCIA or private property, please call and report it. Contact Precinct 5 Constable dispatch 281-463-6666.
  3. The NCCIA has provided a trespassing affidavit to the constable, which means that if homeless people are found to be camping on NCCIA property, they will be removed immediately.
  4. The I-10 underpasses are owned by TxDoT. If you have any concerns for these areas, please contact TxDoT directly at 800-558-9368.
  5. You can also contact the Harris County Commissioner for Pct 4 Office at 832-927-4444 to discuss this issue.
We understand that this is a sensitive subject and people have strong and varied opinions. We are happy to have respectful conversations and discuss potential ideas/actions that the board can do in order to keep Nottingham Country safe, but please remember that NCCIA does not have authority over private property.

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