Trending Alkaline Water Makes “Splash” in Jersey Village
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Trending Alkaline Water Makes “Splash” in Jersey Village

April 08 2024

For most American consumers, the simple act of drinking water is taken for granted. Although it is the essence of life, water is often consumed without a second thought about its source or quality. But one couple in Jersey Village is on a mission to help consumers change the way they think about water and its effects on their health.

Since 2017, Houston resident LaMont Gilbert, Sr. has been steadily producing a uniquely formulated alkaline water aptly named Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20. Affectionately known by many as “The Water Man,” LaMont uses a rigorous purification process with quadruple osmosis to ensure removal of all contaminants that yields an enticingly clean, crisp taste.

Businesses, consumers and even the medical community have been taking notice, purchasing the water in cities across the country and catapulting Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20 into the spotlight, selling their one millionth bottle of water in 2021.

As Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20 continued to gain momentum, LaMont recruited his wife, Orvella, in 2022 to bring her holistic background and expertise in human resources to his growing water business. Joining forces and a shared passion for the product, Orvella formed A-1 Water Hub, LLC, the only licensed sole owner-distributor of Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20. Then in June 2023, LaMont secured a trademark for Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20, marking a milestone achievement for the brand.

But the journey has not been easy for LaMont and Orvella, enduring hardship, uncertainty and fierce competition in the consumer industry. Despite their struggles, they have remained intentional about producing healthy water for the masses. Their drive, courage, and tenacity have kept their water business growing, securing distribution contracts like the Michael E. DeBakey Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

LaMont Gilbert, Sr., "The Water Man", Founder and CMO, with Orvella Gilbert,
CEO of Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20. (Photo: My Neighborhood News)

For LaMont and Orvella, their water business is not just an enterprise. With each order, they leverage their passion for the product with attentive customer service that turns consumers into loyal, repeat customers, including children and adults who typically have a distaste for consuming water. While Orvella has known about alkaline water for many years, she wasn’t a convert herself until consuming Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20 on a regular basis.

“Drinking Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20 had tremendous health benefits for me, including clarity and better digestion, and it has helped me a great deal with acid reflux,” said Orvella.

Although Orvella is pleased with the benefits she has experienced from routinely drinking Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20, she also wants consumers to know that the results are different for each person.

“Some will experience health benefits more quickly than others; it depends on your current health conditions. According to customer testimonies, for some with acid reflux that is not severe, it helps them a little faster - it all depends on the chemistry of a consumer’s body,” said Orvella.

One customer, Houstonian Terri Owens, recently had a massive heart attack and shared her personal testimony on YouTube, recounting her medical scare and how her health improved following regular consumption of Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H2O water. Visit Alkaline Absolutely Amazing H2O's YouTube channel and hear her story for yourself and many others.

“Mrs. Owens bought Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20 at the Farmers Market on Grand Parkway following a massive heart attack and went into cardiac arrest 3 times a few weeks before her purchase. We recently got a call from her, and she wanted to order eight more cases because Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20 is improving her health, and she sounded wonderful,” said Orvella.

Although LaMont and Orvella were delighted to hear that Mrs. Owens was improving since her harrowing ordeal, they had no idea just how much of an impact their product was making on her recovery until LaMont personally delivered her water to her home.

“When Lamont made the delivery, she was just getting off work from the job that her doctor stated she wouldn't return to for at least one year. She embraced LaMont with a hug and was excited to tell the world her story live. She stated that her doctor was surprised by her recovery and explained how Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20 has increased her quality of life. Mrs. Owens even bet her health on it.”

Mrs. Owens’ testimonial is one of many from other satisfied customers, businesses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals across the country.

“Testimonies from our customers are a great value to our business and we value each one of them. We share these testimonies on our company’s social media pages, operating under a full transparency policy. Our customers, and their newfound health because of drinking Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H2O, deserve the spotlight,” said Orvella.

Orvella Gilbert and LaMont Gilbert, Sr. proudly displaying several of their Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20 products. (Photo: My Neighborhood News)

Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20 can be shipped to all 50 states in the country with the motto If It Fits, It Ships.” The product can be purchased in a case of one-liter bottles, by the gallon, 10oz bottles, or 16.9oz bottles.

“Our water speaks for itself and is changing lives. No order is too big or too small,” Orvella said. “We even like to throw in freebies with deliveries.”

Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20 can be ordered through The A-1 Water Hub, GrubHub which is usually delivered within approximately four hours. However, orders can be placed directly through the A-1 Water Hub company and delivered even faster.

Orvella said she hopes to improve the health of not only her community but people across the country.

“We truly believe in our product and have seen it make a difference in people’s lives,” she said.

For more information about becoming a distributor of the Absolutely Amazing Alkaline H20, or to learn more about the A-1 Water Hub, please call 346-242-5736

The A-1 Water Hub is located at 11210 Steeplecrest Drive, Suite 120, Houston, TX 77065. Follow A-1 Water Hub on all social media platforms or visit their website at

By Tiffany Krenek, My Neighborhood News 

Tiffany Krenek has been on the My Neighborhood News team since August 2021. She is passionate about curating and sharing content that enriches the lives of our readers in a personal, meaningful way. A loving mother and wife, Tiffany and her family live in the West Houston/Cypress region.

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