Tips to Get Your Front Door Instagram-Ready for Fall

Tips to Get Your Front Door Instagram-Ready for Fall

September 06 2023

Move over, summer. Fall is just around the corner and it's time to get your front door ready for seasonal decor! Imagine all of the adorable pictures of your kiddos or grandkids, nestled in a beautiful border of colorful pumpkins and mums with a charming wreath hanging in the background. 

But after a long and very hot summer, most of us didn't spend a lot of time outside, especially not to perform laborious tasks like gardening or cleaning the front door, porch, or windows. With cooler temperatures on the horizon, this is the perfect time to get your front entry in tip top shape so you have a fresh canvas to create the fall scene of your dreams. Here are a few tips to help you get the ball rolling.

Throw Out Tired Items

If your front door mat is faded, frayed or otherwise looking tired, it might be time to discard it and swap it out for a new mat. Be sure to measure the width of your front door before purchasing the mat so that you know what length you need. Maybe you have a few pots with dead plants? It's okay, we all do after the intense heat over the summer. Trade dead plants for seasonal color like chrysanthemums, which deliver stunning pops of color in all the best fall shades. You could even create a lovely collage of crotons, ornamental cabbage and creeping Jenny. Don't have much of a green thumb? Pick up some realistic, artificial topiaries or ornamental grass that are suitably sized for their planters. They will last through all future freezes and scorching summers.

Power Wash the Porch

From kids to Amazon delivery drivers and solicitors to the neighbor's cat, many feet walk up to our front doors every day. It's a much dirtier place than we may realize. With a quick swipe of the pressure washer, your front porch will be gleaming in no time. Just be sure to pressure wash the concrete or hard stone pavers that make the floor of your porch, not the door. The intense pressure from the pressure washer could damage your door's finish.

Wash the Door

Get your front door sparkling clean with a simple mix of mild dish soap and water, then use a sponge or soft rag to gently wipe off the exterior surface of your front door. Immediately after, carefully rinse off with a bucket of fresh water or a water hose without any added pressure, working from the top down. If your door's finish is in poor condition, consider taking the opportunity to refinish it but be sure to consult your HOA's architectural guidelines first and submit a request for exterior modifications if required. If your front door includes windows, the same cleaning procedure applies, but you may want to follow up with window cleaner on the exterior (and the interior, if you have time) of the glass for a radiant finish.

Plan Wreath Hanging

There are a few different ways you can hang a wreath from your front door. One of the easiest and more permanent ways to hang a wreath from your front door is with a sturdy nail. Find an appropriate spot for the nail and carefully install, or ask the hubs or a handy friend, relative or neighbor to help. You could also purchase a wreath hanger that hangs snugly from the top of the door.  Alternatively, you could use self-adhesive strips for more light-weight wreaths. For metal doors, consider a magnetic hook.

Once you have tackled these items, your front entry area will be ready for seasonal decor through the balance of the year! Happy cleaning!

By Tiffany Krenek, My Neighborhood News 
Tiffany Krenek has been on the My Neighborhood News team since August 2021. She is passionate about curating and sharing content that enriches the lives of our readers in a personal, meaningful way. A loving mother and wife, Tiffany and her family live in the West Houston/Cypress region.

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