Severe Weather Alert: Harris County Braces for Storm System

Severe Weather Alert: Harris County Braces for Storm System

June 17 2024

The Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (HCOHSEM) has issued an urgent advisory for a storm system expected to affect the region on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Heavy rainfall, severe thunderstorms, and high winds are anticipated throughout the county, putting local residents on high alert. HCOHSEM warns that damaging wind gusts are also possible.

Residents have been strongly advised to monitor media outlets for updates on the evolving weather situation. Key sources for such information include the National Weather Service (NWS) and other leading emergency management authorities.

The weather prediction issued by the National Weather Service for Tuesday, June 18, 2024. (Source: NWS)

The forecast suggests a possibility of substantial rainfall, prompting concerns of street flooding, particularly in areas that receive the heaviest rain. To stay informed about potential travel risks, the Houston TranStar live traffic map will provide the latest details on local road conditions.

With the expectation of considerable water build-up on roadways, the risk of hydroplaning may increase significantly, making driving in such conditions potentially hazardous. The HCOHSEM stresses the serious threat posed by attempting to navigate flooded roadways, urging drivers to heed the familiar safety maxim: "turn around, don't drown".

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Heavy showers over brief periods may also cause temporary surge levels along the county's network of streams and bayous. Real-time status information on waterway conditions will be available via the Harris County Flood Control District Flood Warning System.

In preparation for the impending severe weather, residents are also encouraged to ensure their mobile devices are configured to receive wireless emergency alerts (WEA). The NWS uses these alerts to warn those in the path of dangerous weather, and such prompt notifications have proven to be life-saving in past incidents. To receive these alerts, Apple users should click here and Android users should click here.

The weather prediction issued by the National Weather Service for Wednesday, June 19, 2024. (Source: NWS)

Updates on weather conditions will be provided by HCOHSEM through social media, ReadyHarris Alerts, and ReadyHarris Accessible Alerts, aiming to keep residents as informed and safe as possible during this period.

By Tiffany Krenek, My Neighborhood News 
Tiffany Krenek, authorTiffany Krenek has been on the My Neighborhood News team since August 2021. She is passionate about curating and sharing content that enriches the lives of our readers in a personal, meaningful way. A loving mother and wife, Tiffany and her family live in the West Houston/Cypress region.

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