Lamar CISD Board of Trustees Approve 2023-2024 Employee Raises & Stipends

Lamar CISD Board of Trustees Approve 2023-2024 Employee Raises & Stipends

June 07 2023

Lamar CISD aims to emphasize the importance of speaking life into our students and supporting them as they reach success in the classroom and beyond. As Lamar CISD strives to remain a destination District for families, Lamar CISD guarantees their commitment to ensuring that Lamar CISD students are taken care of in all regards.

The Board of Trustees appreciates the hard work and dedication of all Lamar CISD employees and, as a result, the following raises and Special Education stipends were unanimously approved by the Lamar CISD Board of Trustees at the May 16 Board Meeting:
  • Beginning Teacher Salary: $62,500
  • Raises for all Returning Staff
    • Flat raise of $1,950 for teachers paid according to the Teacher Hiring Schedule (average 3%)
    • 3% of midpoint raise for all other staff
  • Paygrade Table Increases
    • Hourly Instructional Paraprofessionals – Hourly: $1/hour raise + 3% of midpoint raise¹
  • Increase in Daily Rate for Substitutes²
    • Certified: $120/day ($15 increase)
    • Degreed: $105/day ($10 increase)
    • Non-degreed: $90/day ($5 increase)
  • Special Education Stipend Program Adjustments (Annualized Stipends):
    • 2022-23 Pilot program eliminated and replaced with adjustments to the annualized stipend program
    • Staff in self-contained and behavior programs:
      • Paraprofessionals: $1,500
      • Teachers: $5,000 ($2,000 increase)
    • Staff in the Compliance Program with Severe Behavior:
      • Paraprofessionals: $5,000 retention stipend
      • Teachers: $5,000 ($2,000 increase)
    • OT/PT/VI/O&M Staff: $4,000 ($1,580 increase)
    • Diagnosticians: $5,000 stipend ($1,000 increase)
  • All Other Special Education Staff Stipends:
    • Resource/Inclusion:
      • Paraprofessionals: $1,000
      • Teachers: $2,000
    • Additional Support Paraprofessionals: $5,000
    • Deaf-Blind Interveners: $5,000

¹Instructional Paraprofessionals are anyone employed as a Teacher’s Aide who provides instructional support in a classroom.

²Substitute Rates for the 2022-2023 school year: Certified: $105/day, Degreed: $95/day, Non-degreed: $85/day

Source: Lamar CISD

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