Katy ISD Celebrates 78 Students from Class of 2024 Enlisting in U.S. Military Forces
Photo: Katy ISD

Katy ISD Celebrates 78 Students from Class of 2024 Enlisting in U.S. Military Forces

May 27 2024

As we honor and remember those who have bravely gone before us to serve our country and defend the freedoms we hold dear, Katy ISD recently announced that 78 students from the Class of 2024 have enlisted into the military. This commitment to public service continues the district's long legacy of military service, with graduates aiming to serve in various branches of the U.S. armed forces, reserve forces, or military academies.

Ronnie Edwards, Assistant Superintendent for School Leadership & Support, congratulated the graduates, stating “We commend these graduates and their commitment to public service on our nation’s behalf. Whether they’ve chosen to continue their education or go directly into service, they will represent Katy ISD well.”

Learn more about the branches of the military that these 78 students have selected. To view a complete list of Katy ISD military enlistees, click here.

U.S. Marine Corps - 26 Enlistees
The U.S. Marine Corps, often the first responders in crisis situations, is a highly mobility infantry that provides power projection using the mobility of the U.S. Navy. 
U.S. Army - 11 Enlistees
The U.S. Army is the land service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. It is responsible for land-based military operations and is the oldest branch of U.S. military. 
U.S. Navy - 15 Enlistees
Responsible for maintaining naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression, and maintaining freedom of the seas, the U.S. Navy operates at sea and has a broad array of vessels, from aircraft carriers to submarines. 
U.S. Coast Guard - 2 Enlistees
The U.S. Coast Guard ensures our nation's maritime interests in the heartland, in the ports, at sea, and around the globe. 
U.S. Air Force - 7 Enlistees
The U.S. Air Force protects the United States through control and exploitation of air and space. They provide air support for land and naval forces and aid in the recovery of troops in the field. 
Texas Army National Guard - 9 Enlistees
The Texas Army National Guard is a component of the United States Army and the United States National Guard. National Guard soldiers serve both community and country, and their unique dual mission is to answer the clarion call whether it’s in the state or the nation. 
U.S. Military Academy at West Point - 4 Enlistees
This is a four-year federal service academy that develops leaders of extraordinary potential. 
U.S. Air Force Academy - 1 Enlistee
The U.S. Air Force Academy provides cadets with a unique and rigorous curriculum to prepare for a career as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. 
U.S. Department of the Navy - 1 Enlistee
The U.S. Department of the Navy oversees the naval forces of the United States, including the Navy and the Marine Corps, ensuring maritime security, projecting power globally, and maintaining readiness for combat operations. 
U.S. Naval Academy - 1 Enlistee
The U.S. Naval Academy is an institution that grooms future officers for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. 
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy - 1 Enlistee
The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy is a federal service academy that educates and graduates leaders of exemplary character who are inspired to serve the national security, marine transportation, and economic needs of the United States as licensed Merchant Marine Officers and commissioned officers in the Armed Forces.

As we commemorate Memorial Day today, it's a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by countless men and women who have served our nation with honor and bravery. Katy ISD's Class of 2024 is stepping into this legacy of service, ready to uphold and continue the proud tradition of defending our freedom.

By Tiffany Krenek, My Neighborhood News 
Tiffany Krenek, authorTiffany Krenek has been on the My Neighborhood News team since August 2021. She is passionate about curating and sharing content that enriches the lives of our readers in a personal, meaningful way. A loving mother and wife, Tiffany and her family live in the West Houston/Cypress region.

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