Tompkins Theatre Company Presents Tuck Everlasting

Tompkins Theatre Company Presents Tuck Everlasting

December 19 2023

The Tompkins Theatre Company is ramping up for their main stage production of “Tuck Everlasting.” This fine arts musical will run from January 18 through 20 and January 26 through 27. To bring this production to life, an impressive 130 Tompkins High School students make up the cast, crew and orchestra.

Based on the American children's novel Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt, "Tuck Everlasting" tells the story of young Winnie Foster, a girl longing for adventure and escape from her stifling life in the late 19th century. Winnie’s world changes forever when she discovers a magical spring and meets the immortal Tuck family, who drank from it a century ago. As Winnie befriends the Tucks, she learns their extraordinary secret – they can never age or die. She faces a choice: keep their secret and live forever, or return to her own mortal life. Tuck Everlasting explores themes of life, death, and the beauty of the fleeting moments in between.

Directed by Mark McManus, Theatre Director and Kelsie Morris, Technical Director for Tompkins High School, Tuck Everlasting will be presented at the Tompkins High School Performing Arts Center located at 4410 Falcon Landing Boulevard in Katy.

Tompkins Theatre Company (TTC) presents quality live theatre productions for Tompkins High School and the community, offers co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities to participate in the production of theatre for student members of Tompkins High School, and enriches the high school curriculum through the study, production, and appreciation of theatre.

Tickets will be available for sale to the general public on January 8, 2024. For more information, visit

By Tiffany Krenek, My Neighborhood News 
Tiffany Krenek has been on the My Neighborhood News team since August 2021. She is passionate about curating and sharing content that enriches the lives of our readers in a personal, meaningful way. A loving mother and wife, Tiffany and her family live in the West Houston/Cypress region.

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