Thank You Teachers!

Thank You Teachers!

May 02 2022


THANK YOU for being such wonderful teachers, exemplary role models, and caring people.

THANK YOU for knowing your subjects and sharing your knowledge.

THANK YOU for not being afraid to treat students like real people.

THANK YOU for showing acceptance, approval, and appreciation. These are all gifts that are so important to a student's development and that your students will always remember, just as they will also remember you. Words of encouragement, a little respect, simple gestures of kindness from a teacher promote the perfect climate for students to study, learn and grow.

YOUR attitude translates into a spirit of friendliness and good will towards others in an atmosphere of creative freedom, joy and ease, and you foster this feeling in your classroom.

I salute the good work YOU've done. I appreciate the people you are, and I THANK YOU for your positive influence. You have passed an invaluable instruction and wisdom and created pleasurable moments associated with learning that will always be sweet memories.

THANK YOU for answering the call to be teachers.

THANK YOU for the enduring impression you have made in the lives you have touched.

Every community needs someone like YOU.

YOUR contributions are immeasurable.

YOUR lessons are permanent.

YOU improve our world.

YOU are so important.



There are so many ways to thank your teachers this week. From flowers to personal "thank you" notes and a  breakfast bar to goody bags, the possibilities are endless. Here's a great list from BoosterThon that you can use as inspiration to show the amazing teachers in your or your children's lives how much they mean to you.

  1. Organize volunteers to take something off your teacher's plate and lighten their load.
  2. Throw a themed lunch party.
  3. Setup a hot chocolate bar or soda and chips bar in the teacher's lounge.
  4. Decorate the teacher's lounge with inspirational notes for the taking.
  5. Leave candy puns in teachers' mailboxes.
  6. Host a school-wide teacher appreciation luncheon at your school.
  7. Create a playlist on Spotify and share with your teachers.
  8. Provide a breakfast bar in the teachers' lounge.
  9. Stock up their classrooms with school supplies.
  10. Give personalized gifts like a monogrammed tote bag, teacher favorites, Starbucks gift card and more.

No matter what you give, it's the thought that counts, not the amount of money you spend. Spread the love and show your teachers how special they are and what a great impact they have had on your and your children's lives. 

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