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Support The Arts at Schools Near You

Support The Arts at Schools Near You

April 27 2022

From a very early age, the arts are infused into the learning experience of every child across the public and private school sectors. Countless studies have shown the benefits of providing students with an opportunity to learn about a wide array of mediums and activities within the arts, all of which come down to the basic principles of personal enrichment, enhanced mental well-being, improved social skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, team building and much more. Music and art combine all of the senses for an immersive experience that conjures up deep emotion, creativity and even inspiration. 

Not every student studies an instrument or devotes years to painting with the intention of becoming the next Maria Callas or Da Vinci. Some do, which is wonderful but equally as wonderful are the skills, experiences and memories made in the process of refining a craft in the arts. As the old adage goes, "it's not about the destination, it's about the journey." 

For those who appreciate and wish to experience the arts from the audience, the rewards are just as great. Fortunately, we live in in one of the most culturally and artistically rich cities in America. From the Houston Grand Opera to the Houston Symphony, local art galleries to the Menil, and art installations at countless public parks and spaces, Houston values the arts and the artists who devote their lives to their craft. It's important to remember that the great artists of today started somewhere, often in their homes or at school as a child. Someone, or a group of people, shaped and influenced those artists with their time, talents, vision and encouragement, perpetuating the beautiful cycle of sharing and passing forth the torch in the arts. 

Right here in your community, teachers are doing that at this very moment. High school bands, choirs, orchestras, art classes, fashion classes, and so much more. But it's not just teachers and parents who shape and influence these budding artists - it's community members like you, too! Without an audience or interested individuals who want to experience their craft, the magic of their gifts in the arts aren't fully realized. In this crazy and hyper-speed world we live in, the benefits of taking the time to stop and take in the arts cannot be expressed with words. It's the healthiest, most meaningful escape you can give to yourself.

Many of us cannot begin to imagine being up on stage in front of a crowd, or sharing our artwork with individuals we don't know. But for the artists who pour themselves into their craft, this comes with the territory so that they can share their gift and inspire, heal or enrich someone else. Imagine for a young artist the elation that must be felt when the curtain rises and the audience is completely packed. Realizing that all of their hard work, energy and sacrifice has been worth it because there are people present, at that pinnacle moment, to experience whatever it is that they have to offer through their craft. Wow, what a beautiful feeling that must be!

In addition to the personal benefits of supporting the arts in your community, attending performances, exhibits and shows also helps raise much-needed funds to supplement the ongoing financial needs of the programs that help put the productions on. While there is government funding for school arts programs, they often fall short of the financial needs to reach an organization's goals, especially in underserved areas. Proceeds from performances via ticket sales, sponsorships, in-kind donations, monetary donations, fundraisers, and merchandise sales all contribute to this greater effort to raise funds needed to keep these programs going.

As we wind down the 2021 to 2022 school year, there are a few performances left during the end of April and the first couple of weeks in May. Click on the button below to view all of the Katy ISD and Cy-Fair ISD high school performances that we have posted on our site in the Community Events section. Carve out the time, support your local students and receive the gift of the arts - one that keeps on giving, long after the performance is over. Congratulations to all of the students who have dedicated their time and talents to their school arts programs. May you reap the benefits for years to come, no matter where the road of life takes you!

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