National Hurricane Preparedness Week

National Hurricane Preparedness Week

May 03 2023

Hurricanes are a very real possibility in our area. We want you to be ready and prepared for these events. Here are a few tips.
Get your home ready:
  • Clear your yard. Make sure there's nothing that could blow around during the storm and damage your home.
  • Cover up windows and doors.
  • Be ready to turn off your power.
  • Fill clean water containers with drinking water.
  • NEVER turn on a gas powered generator in your home or garage.
  • Check your carbon monoxide (CO) detector's battery to prevent CO poisoning.
Have a plan:
  • Write down emergency phone numbers and keep them on the refrigerator or near every phone in your house. Program them into your cell phone too.
  • Prepare an emergency supply kit.
  • Have a battery powered radio.
  • Locate the nearest shelter and different routes you can take to get there from your home.
Pet owners:
  • Pre-identify shelters, a pet-friendly hotel, or an out-of-town friend or relative where you can take your pets in an evacuation.
Gather emergency supplies:
  • An emergency food and water supply.
  • An emergency medicine supply.
  • Emergency power sources such as flashlights (don’t forget extra batteries).
  • Safety and personal items.
  • Important documents, including medical documents, wills, passports, and personal identification.
  • A fire extinguisher.
Have your car ready:
  • Fill your car’s gas tank.
  • Move cars and trucks into your garage or under cover.
  • Always keep an emergency kit in your car.

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