Mothers of Held Angels Collaborates with Houston Area Hospitals

Mothers of Held Angels Collaborates with Houston Area Hospitals

September 26 2022

Earlier this month, Mothers of Held Angels (MOHA) provided bereavement training to OakBend Hospital in Richmond, Texas and Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital. This marks the fourth and fifth in-services that MOHA has provided to nurses at local hospitals. Nurses at Houston Methodist Sugarland, Houston Methodist TMC, and Memorial Hermann Katy have also all been trained by MOHA volunteers this year.

The training that MOHA provides includes how to use a “CuddleCot”, a cooling system that allows babies who have passed to stay with the family while in the hospital, reviewing how to use the contents of the hand-packed “Angel Boxes”, and how to walk a bereaved mother through making memories with her baby prior to discharge. MOHA also has an Angel Ambassador Program; a network of trained MOHA volunteers made up of fellow loss parents and family members, who are available to hospitals, clinics, or   
birthing centers to provide direct support for mothers and families experiencing the loss of their baby. “We are an adjunct to the care being provided to moms. We feel it’s important for a mom who has lost her baby to be able to look into the eyes of another mom of loss to see that they will survive this; especially during a time when they feel like they won't”, says Anna Noto, one of the founders of MOHA.

The death of a baby, and the trauma surrounding this unique type of loss, is an unimaginable and indescribable type of pain. Two of MOHA’s founders, Hollyn Keith and Brittany Kemp, know firsthand how important professional development and continued education is for the nursing staff that must walk alongside families experiencing loss. Both Keith and Kemp are registered nurses and make it their goal to help hospital staff provide crucial support to moms and dads during their first days in the hospital after experiencing stillbirth and neonatal loss.

MOHA encourages those who support moms going through loss to take small hour-by-hour steps. “Loss truly puts you in a state of shock and nothing makes sense,” says Keith, who lost her son Carter in 2016. “We want to bring peace and comfort to those experiencing loss making sure hospital staff are aware that MOHA's support for moms is very important to us”, continues Kemp. More than 25 “Angel Boxes” have been donated to local hospitals and include: scented warming bears for mothers to hold, a blanket, ink pad and baby footprint board, a journal, and informational cards for family and friends who might not know what to say at such a devastating time.
To find support, learn how to comfort a loved one going through loss, and donate, visit  It is only through the support of donors that MOHA is able to provide CuddleCots, bereavement training, and “Angel Boxes”. For more information, contact Brittany Kemp, President, at

About Mothers of Held Angels

Mothers of Held Angels (MOHA) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and was started by three moms who came together in fellowship to support one another through their loss. The mission of MOHA is to create a voice for grieving mothers who have held their baby after their passing, to provide immediate day-of-loss resources and ongoing bereavement support for all family members, and to raise public awareness about the unimaginable pain and heartbreak surrounding stillbirth and neonatal loss.

To learn more about Mothers of Held Angels, visit and on social media:

FB, @MOHAnetwork  |  IG, @mothersofheldangels

Twitter, @MOHAnetwork  |  Podcast: MOHA Network, The Mothers of Held Angels Podcast Channel

For more information, please contact Brittany Kemp by email at

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