Katy Area Boy Scout Completes Eagle Scout Project Benefitting Katy Heritage Society

Katy Area Boy Scout Completes Eagle Scout Project Benefitting Katy Heritage Society

June 05 2023

When something needs attention or someone needs help, many are quick to pass on the opportunity to be of service by believing that someone else will step forward to assist. For Boy Scouts, that is simply not an option. As their slogan calls to “Do a Good Turn Daily,” Scouts are encouraged to do something to help others each day without expecting anything in return. That’s exactly what Katy area Boy Scout Brody Worster did recently by generously giving his time, talents and love for his community at Katy Heritage Park.

Worster would often drive past Katy Heritage Park while on his way to the VFW Park. On one particular occasion earlier this year, Worster noticed that the fence around the Heritage Train was in disrepair due to the elements. The Heritage Train is one of several All Aboard Katy! public art projects, which aim to unite the Katy area, encourage economic development and promote Katy’s rich local railroad history to the Katy community and visitors. Since the program’s inception in 2010, over one dozen locomotive public art projects have been installed throughout the Katy area, including the Waggin’ Train at Citizens for Animal Protection.

The Heritage Train in Katy Heritage Park before Worster replaced the fence as his Eagle Scout project. (Source: Katy Heritage Society)

Knowing that the Heritage Train was an important part of Katy’s history and culture, Worster decided that he would contact the Katy Heritage Society about repairing this fence as his Eagle Scout project. According to Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout projects give Scouts an opportunity to plan, develop, and give leadership to othersin a service project helpful to any religious institution, school, or community. Through this requirement, Scouts practice what they have learned and gain valuable project management and leadership experience.

Worster, who is in his eleventh year as a Scout and is part of Boy Scout Troop 209, reached out to the Katy Heritage Society directly about his desire to help and they were delighted by his enthusiasm. The Board presented several projects to Worster and he ultimately chose not only the most challenging project, but decided that he would replace the fence in its entirety. After approximately three months of planning and preparation, Worster and his crew of fellow Scouts set out to replace the entire fence with materials that matched the original fence. Within one full day, Worster completed demo and replacement of the fence, breathing new life into this protective feature around the Heritage Train.

“This project is meaningful to me because I helped preserve an important part of Katy history. It is also very special because I learned a lot about myself such as my strengths and weaknesses in being a leader and how I manage a group of people to complete a common task,” said Worster.

Broady Worster with fellow Boy Scouts and his parents after the completion of his Eagle Scout project at Katy Heritage Park. First Row (left to right): Brody Worster, Cade Kennedy, Zachary Marcoux, Charlie Moore, BJ Worster (Brody's father), Valerie Worster (Brody's mother). Second Row (left to right): Cohen Worster, Allen Chian, Jeremy Schultz, Jake Marcoux. (Source: Katy Heritage Society)

Through his eleven years as a Scout, Worster has been involved in many service projects across the Katy area and beyond. His Cub Scout Pack adopted and regularly cleaned a section of Highway 90, collected canned food for Katy Christian Ministries’ Souperbowl of Caring, and cleaned the beach in Galveston. As a Boy Scout, he has been a part of various Eagle Scout projects around the Katy area and has served at Katy Christian Ministries. With the successful completion of his Eagle Scout project, Worster hopes to earn his well-deserved Eagle Scout Award by the first of August. In the fall, Worster will kick off his senior year at Katy High School, where he plays football on the varsity football team. He hopes to attend Texas A&M University and earn a degree in computer engineering.

By Tiffany Krenek, My Neighborhood News 
Tiffany Krenek has been on the My Neighborhood News team since August 2021. She is passionate about curating and sharing content that enriches the lives of our readers in a personal, meaningful way. A loving mother and wife, Tiffany and her family live in the West Houston/Cypress region.

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