Fort Bend County Mobility & Parks Election 2023: What You Need to Know

Fort Bend County Mobility & Parks Election 2023: What You Need to Know

September 25 2023

In the November 7, 2023, General Election, Fort Bend County voters will consider a bond proposal on various county-wide Mobility and Parks Projects.

What are Bond elections?

Bond elections allow voters to decide whether or not to use long-term financing through the sale of bonds for major capital improvement projects such as new construction and expansion of roads, parks and trails. This election is being held in conjunction with the November General Election for Federal, State, and County offices and the Fort Bend County Mobility and Parks bond proposal. The total amount of the Mobility Bond is $712,630,000, and $153,000,000 for the Parks Bond.

Will the Use of Bonds Increase the Tax Rate?

NO. The Commissioners Court included a commitment in the Mobility and Parks Bond Order not to increase the tax rate for issuing the Parks Bonds once issued.

How will the Mobility and Park Bonds be used?

The funding from both the Mobility and Park Bonds will be used to revitalize parks with new amenities like playgrounds, trails, and athletic spaces and enhance lighting, shade, restrooms, and ADA accessibility. Additionally, Mobility Bonds will improve transportation infrastructure through road expansions, pedestrian facilities, and traffic management, accommodating the county's growth and mobility needs.

Why is the County Requesting the Issuance of Mobility and Park Bonds?

Fort Bend County is pursuing park and mobility bonds to cater to its evolving community needs. Parks Bonds would secure funds for maintenance, new amenities, and enhanced aesthetics. Concurrently, mobility bonds are crucial for addressing transportation demands brought about by the county's population growth. These bonds would finance projects like road expansions, pedestrian facilities, and traffic management to improve traffic flow and ensure safe travel. The issuance of both bonds reflects the county's dedication to enhancing recreation and transportation for its residents.

Projects by Precinct

Precinct 1 Projects (View P1 Map Here)
  • Road repairs and traffic safety improvements in Precinct 1.
  • Upgrades to Skinner Lane, Settegast Ranch Road, Falcon Landing Boulevard, and other roads.
  • Upgrade Fulshear Bend Drive to a 6- lane divided concrete roadway.
  • Sidewalk construction in Precinct 1.
  • Funding for SH 99 Frontage Road projects.
  • Turf conversion for baseball fields at Freedom Park.
  • Improvements and additions at Harlem Road Park.
  • Development of Daily Park and Jones Creek Ranch Park.
  • Creation of a Precinct 1 Dog Park.

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Precinct 4 Projects (View P4 Map Here)
  • Road pavement repairs in Precinct 4.
  • Traffic signal and safety improvements.
  • Future intersection improvement projects.
  • Road expansions and upgrades.
  • Sidewalk safety program.
  • Construction and improvements at Bates M. Allen Park.
  • Assessment study for Cole Theatre.
  • Contribution to TW Davis YMCA grant.
  • Trail construction.
  • Community garden bed construction.
  • Construction of Mission Bend Senior Center.
  • Splash pad repair and new construction.
  • Fairgrounds improvements.
  • Funding for murals and sculptures.
  • Contribution to Beasley Park.
  • Playground unit replacement at King- Kennedy Park.
County-Wide Projects
  • Expand the emergency network infrastructure monitoring system.
  • Implement Smart Signal Technology Initiative.
  • Conduct pedestrian mobility study.
  • Construct 4th Street with contributions from Precincts 1 and 4.
  • Upgrade next gen ITS with Precincts 2, 3, and 4 contributions.
  • Introduce via microtransit pilot with contributions from Precincts 3 and 4.
  • Develop a sports complex in central Fort Bend County.
  • Expand multi-purpose parks and recreation facilities county-wide.

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Source: FBC

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