Cy-Fair HS Drama Club Wins 23-24 Gold Honor Troupe Distinction

Cy-Fair HS Drama Club Wins 23-24 Gold Honor Troupe Distinction

April 18 2024

Cy-Fair High School drama club has been awarded the 23-24 Gold Honor Troupe distinction by the Texas Thespians Leadership Academy.

The drama club troupe officers used the theme “Expanding Our HeARTs” with the goal of increasing community outreach and involvement. Part of their goal included participating in the Texas Thespians Leadership Academy.

“We are absolutely thrilled and deeply moved by our students’ remarkable journey of giving back to the community and embracing the magic of live theatre,” said Tyler Wallach, Cy-Fair assistant director of theatre. “Their commitment to the ‘Expanding Our HeARTs’ initiative showcased their immense passion for creating meaningful connections through the arts. This incredible achievement as a Gold Honor Troupe is a testament to their outstanding leadership, dedication, and love for keeping theatre alive in schools. We couldn’t be prouder of the profound impact they’re making, and we can’t wait to celebrate this well-deserved honor together in August!”

Troupe officers were given monthly assignments from the Texas Thespians Leadership Academy to strengthen their leadership capabilities, arts advocacy skills and community service efforts. Students completed various assignments such as hosting a workshop for Cy-Fair feeder middle school students, writing a letter to the CFISD school board and superintendents explaining the importance of art education in schools and volunteering in the community.

Assignments were graded at the end of each month by the state board and troupes were awarded points based on the level of completion. In August, The Cy-Fair drama club will be awarded a plaque and banner to display on campus.

Source: CFISD

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