Katy ISD’s FFA Best Buddies Special Rodeo: A Celebration of Joy and Friendship

Katy ISD’s FFA Best Buddies Special Rodeo: A Celebration of Joy and Friendship

February 13 2024

Katy ISD’s FFA Livestock Show is not just a showcase of agricultural excellence, but also a heartwarming testament to inclusivity and compassion as it annually hosts a Special Rodeo for students with special needs. Held on Tuesday, February 13 as the kick-off for this year's 81st annual Katy Rodeo, this event brought joy and smiles to all participants and attendees, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

The Special Rodeo provides an opportunity for students with special needs to experience the thrill of the rodeo in a safe and supportive environment. With the assistance of their “best buddy” FFA student, these remarkable individuals were able to saddle up and participate in a variety of rodeo activities tailored to their abilities.

"We are thrilled to see the excitement on the faces of all the participants at this year's Special Rodeo," said Jeannie Knierim, CTE Director at Katy ISD. "It's truly heartwarming to witness the genuine connections formed between our FFA students and their peers with special needs. This event embodies the spirit of our community, where everyone is valued and celebrated," she added.

While riding and roping, every moment was filled with laughter and encouragement as students from all nine Katy ISD high schools cheered each other on. The bond between the FFA students and their buddies from the special education program was palpable, providing a memorable experience where friendships are forged, and the memories last a lifetime.

Source: Katy ISD

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