February Nottingham Country News

February Nottingham Country News

February 01 2022



Please join us in welcoming Heather Nordhaus, our newest Board member, who was elected at the annual meeting in December. Nordhaus is originally from the Austin area, but she and her husband Kevin have been Nottingham Country residents since 2011. Nordhaus runs a small business online: https://heartandstyleboutique.com. It offers clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts.

The Nordhaus family also includes Colin, 18, who attends the University of Oklahoma; Morgan, 15, who is a freshman at Taylor High School and Wyatt, 5, who is at Pattison Elementary. Kevin also attended Taylor.

The Nordhaus Family

The Board has been vocal about recruiting younger members of late and Kristen Gilfillan encouraged Nordhaus to consider running. “I asked her if it was because I have a strong personality and she said yes,” Nordhaus laughs. “Some people have problems speaking out, but I never have trouble voicing my opinion.”

Nordhaus also liked the idea of having younger members with families on the Board. “Young families want to move here because the neighborhood really does have a homey feeling to it and I want to help keep that integrity so they continue to be interested in coming.”

In fact, that is Nordhaus’ favorite aspect of our neighborhood - the wonderful sense of community we have. “After I was elected, I received so many congratulatory texts and emails. This is the kind of place where you really do interact with the people around you. Our neighbors are our family here.”


At the annual meeting of the NCCIA in December, three Board members were re-elected for two-year terms: Allen Hess, Suzi Bredlau and Erin Slavik. Hess handles architectural guidelines and deed restrictions for Sections 8 and 9; Slavik manages Rennie Park and Bredlau is responsible for the landscaping in our community. She’s our favorite yard judge, too; she hands out Yard of the Season four times per year.


We’re going to let Board member Suzie Bredlau give her report on her own this month and it goes like this:

Howdy Nottingham neighbors. As usual, it was hard to pick winners and if I could I would give out a sign to all. It was a lovely full moon night for cruising the ‘hood and enjoying all the hard work everyone put into their decorations. Before I name the winners, I would like to give a shout out to past winners who once again wowed me.

Manette was once again seen from space. Almost the whole street of Barkston was lit up. And Park Pine, your Christmas tree farm could also be seen from space. All my previous winners were a wonder to behold. I have to spread the love, so don’t think your decorations were not appreciated by me and all who live in our neighborhood.

Now without further ado, the winners are:
  • 20306 Laverton
  • 615 Cranfield
  • 511 Whitehurst
  • 1103 Rennie
  • 20510 Park Pine

Congratulations to all who put in hard work and time, not only my winners but past and future winners. Stay safe and have a wonderful February and I will be knocking on your door come spring time.


We all know how bad flooding can be, so let’s not contribute to the problem. Leaves have been falling like crazy since December, so please rake and sweep them up so our storm drains aren’t clogged. ... We are still receiving a lot of complaints about dead palm trees. Please remove them before they become a potential hazard. ... This is also a good time of year to trim all your trees. ... Your annual HOA fee is due by the end of January; a late fee will be assessed for all payments received after that date, plus the management company will charge a delinquent fee.

NCCIA Board of Directors



We have one foreclosure to report: 20630 Prince Creek and it is owned by Wells Fargo Bank.


Accident major: 1
Accident minor: 2
Assault: 1
Alarms: 19
Animal humane/aggressive: 1
Burglary, motor vehicle: 1
Civil/writ process: 6
Check Rennie Park: 18
Criminal mischief: 4
Disturbance: 7
Disturbance (family): 6
Fraud-related calls: 2
General information calls: 44
Mental health calls: 3
Meet the citizen: 73
Neighborhood checks: 254
Reports: 9
Silver watches: 12
Suspicious persons: 19
Suspicious activity/open door/window: 2
Suspicious vehicles/Abandoned/traffic hazard: 18
Telephone harassment: 1
Thefts: 2
Traffic stops: 43
Vacation watches: 22
Welfare checks: 6
Don’t forget that if you see suspicious activity, please notify our office so we can respond accordingly. The Precinct 5 dispatch number is 281-463-6666.

Sgt. R. Felix, Precinct 5


Rick Rice Park would like to invite members of the community to participate in events being offered at the park. The schedule is as follows:
  • Monday: 9 AM yoga
  • Tuesday: 8:30 AM, 9:45 AM fitness boot camp
  • Wednesday: 9 AM Zumba
  • Thursday: 8:30 AM, 9:45 AM  fitness boot camp
  • Friday: 8:30 AM, 9:45 AM fitness boot camp
  • Saturday: 10:45 AM Zumba

All classes are held at Francesca’s Garden, which is at the south end of the park (behind Mann Eye Institute). Some of the classes are offered by outside vendors and some are a suggested $5 donation that benefits a local charity.

For more information, please contact Tracey Timpanaro at tat25@comcast.net or 832-978-0906.


Katy resident Gregg Nady has more gumption than just about anyone we know. Nady, an avid outdoorsman, has spent the last 23 years advocating for hike and bike trails in West Houston. To date, he has worked to establish 26 trails, sidewalks and bike lanes, mostly in our area. Additionally, Nady is working on initiating 18 other projects, including an extension of the Mason Creek Hike & Bike Trail, which runs through Nottingham Country. Nady isn’t part of any group or club; he is undertaking these efforts on his own.
And the work Nady is doing could only be described as excruciating. Imagine trying to get all of these groups to work together: neighborhood associations, utility districts, government entities, businesses and even universities. And even when entities agree to support a project, there is the complicated dance of who benefits the most and therefore who pays for what. “It doesn’t happen overnight,” he laughs. “It does take time and persistence, but I’m just trying to give back to the community by creating open, active spaces.”

This whole journey started when Nady and his wife of 32 years, Stephanie, moved to Katy in 1998. Nady worked for Shell in the Energy Corridor at the time and he thought it would be really nice if he could ride his bike to work. He decided to take matters into his own hands and headed over to the Barker Reservoir to bushwhack his own trail.

“I thought if I could find my way through there, then I would find somebody to put in dirt for a trail,” Nady said. “However, I got stuck.”

Undeterred, Nady headed over to West Houston airport and hired a pilot to fly him over the land. He used landmarks and maps and eventually figured out where the trail should go. He then pursued the relevant government agencies and even reached out to businesses in the Energy Corridor. Eventually, an Exxon contact told him about the newly formed Energy Corridor Management District and suggested he get with them.

Several years and thousands of man hours later, the trail now runs from Barker Cypress to Briar Forest and connects with Terry Hershey Park. It was one of the first big projects Nady worked on.

In terms of the Mason Creek Hike & Bike Trail, Nady thinks it would be great if the trail could be extended north of I-10 (it currently dead ends on the south side of I-10 near Rudy’s BBQ restaurant). The 3.15 mile trail extension would enable Nottingham Country residents to safely ride bikes to businesses on the north side of I-10 and would also serve as a commuting bikeway for many large businesses located there.

Nady loves how outdoor spaces really bring people from a community together. He devotes so much of his time to these efforts because he is inspired by the mantra of the founder of the Methodist church, John Wesley, who encouraged his followers to do as much good as they could for as many people as they could for as long as they could.

If you have questions about any of the projects Nady is working on or you’d like to lend a hand, please email him at gnady@sbcglobal.net.


We need some players to join us. The game has been going on for 25 years. Old fashion poker, stud, Omaha, wild cards, $1 limit, NO CHECK RAISES. Looking for an old fart like us, 55+, who just wants to have a good time. Nottingham location, Friday afternoons, 1-4:30 PM. If interested, call Art at 713-247-9507.


We are wishing everyone happy seasons ahead. We have loved seeing so many new faces at our play dates, MNOs and on our secret Facebook group. Every month our group gets together for a variety of scheduled fun activities along with impromptu meet-ups at the park. If you are a new or veteran Nottingham Country mom and haven’t joined our group we hope to see you soon, please contact us via email ncmomskaty@gmail.com. Have a fabulous month!

The Nottingham Country Moms’ Group



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