An Important Message from Your Dedicated HOA

An Important Message from Your Dedicated HOA

January 16 2024

Good afternoon neighbors,

Happy New Year!  First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you that took interest in the election this year, those that were able to attend the Annual Meeting and January 2024 Meeting, and for your patience while we navigated uncharted territory. Community involvement is KEY in accomplishing changes to our neighborhood. I am honored to be elected your new HOA President and will do my very best to represent our community with honesty, fairness, and transparency!

As the new HOA President, I am thinking about the 2023 HOA team and everything they’ve accomplished and the new 2024 HOA team and what they (and you) have to look forward to. I want to thank each and every NCCIA Board Member that served in 2023 board and the entire HOA team for the fantastic job they did last year and the wonderful shape that your HOA turned over to me is in.  Most of the HOA Board is returning, but several are leaving, and I want to acknowledge all that that are leaving the board. I thank both John Wood and Kristen Gilfillan for the job they did as President and Vice President. The talent they bring to their HOA “job” is inspiring and their value to the community is immeasurable. We also have a few behind the scenes people that keep the organization not only running but running smoothly. Without their efforts the HOA could not be effective.

Here at NC, we have dedicated our time and spirit to making the best possible financial decisions and providing growth of the value of houses in the HOA; we also take our time to address any raised issues such as security and social opportunities to our HOA members. Our Board of Directors is a team that volunteers for two years to look after our community. For any further questions, we suggest registering at our website so you will get all the latest information, templates for essential letters as well as the minutes from our latest meetings.

Thank you for letting me be your HOA President.  We have a great team, but this team is not filled so I encourage each of you to think about potentially serving. Please look out for more details from our management company to follow regarding vacant positions. 

Regardless, we are going to have a great year.  Please join us with ideas and support and get your neighbors if they’re not HOA members to become HOA members.

Happy New Year!

Brittany Severin, NCCIA President

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