NCCAI Board of Directors

Brittany Severin*
President, Landscaping, Website/Newsletter

Brittany Severin, who was appointed at the February 2022 meeting to fill a vacant role, brings a wealth of experience to her new position. She previously served as vice president and president of the Country Village HOA board. Brittany was re-elected in December 2022 and currently serves as President, landscaping, and newsletter committee chair. The Severin family moved to Nottingham Country in August of 2021. She and her husband, Nathaniel, have been married for 13 years and have two children: Jackson is 7 and Harper is 5 1/2. Severin has a bachelor’s degree in biological science and also earned her MBA/MHA. Severin has been in the healthcare industry running hospitals for 21 plus years and has decided to start her own business to address the gap in patient advocacy and coordination of care. Brittany recently launched her own company MedRight, Inc as patient advocacy is her passion. I believe that my commitment, responsiveness, availability and passion for the neighborhood are all reasons I will continue enjoy my role on the NCCIA board.

Stephanie Hartranft
Vice President, Community Relations 

Stephanie Hartranft and her husband, Ariel, have lived in the neighborhood since the spring of 2019. Since moving in, they began building their family which they now have an almost 2-year old.  Stephanie is a graduate of Purdue University, Boiler up. Since graduating she has spent the last decade specializing in User Interface design. She has founded and operates a startup company specializing in designing user dashboards to run large commercial buildings. While she is elected, Stephanie hopes to bring the community closer together through events and ensuring the homeowners voices are heard. Stephanie loves our neighborhood – and hopes to create impact while on the board.

Ruben Guerrero
Treasurer, ACC Liaison 

A Native Texan and Knight of Columbus brings a wide variety and skill set in various areas. CEO of Life Insurance Medical Group Management LLC,  Property & Casualty General Lines Broker, President of Katy Ad Agency,  President OTC Manufacturing, President Food Manufacturing, legal liaison, Carpenter, Brick Masonry Mason, Mechanic, Boilermaker Foreman, Pipe-Fitter Foreman, Millwright, Director of Operations of Trailer & Service Body Manufacturing. Ruben is married to Hilda Guerrero, Director of QA/RA in Tropical Medicine development, married 33 years and raised three children in Nottingham Country all graduates of Taylor High School; son Rueben, Geology major completing his BS in Environmental Geology, Chelsea a (PICU) BSN RN nurse graduated Cum Laude from University of Saint Thomas and Volleyball Conference Champ, Jaclyn high school volleyball varsity captain 2 yrs, senior at University of Saint Thomas studying Business Finance and plays college Volleyball. Family has over 6000 hours of community service in Nottingham Country.  “I  look forward to continued service to our community in Nottingham Country.”

John Blay
Secretary, Alleyways, Deed Restrictions 

John & his wife Cathy have lived in Nottingham Country since 1995. Their two adult children graduated from Taylor HS , Texas State & Sam Houston. John graduated from W.Texas A&M and Cathy attended Bowling Green Ohio. John retired from MW Kellogg/Kellogg Brown& Root downtown Houston after 42 years of service. John’s career took him to over twenty-two countries including PRC, India (2yr), Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, South Africa, and all over Europe. Projects included Ammonia-Urea plants, LNG, Methanol, Ethylene, terminals and process piping. John’s chief concern is keeping our community safe and having a family oriented community.

Sharon Hess
Director, Deed Restrictions 

My husband and I are long time residents of Nottingham Country having lived in section 4 and 8. Previously, I served on the HOA board for many years, serving in many positions. Allen, my husband, volunteered for the HOA board for almost 10 years My work career was in the commercial insurance industry for 30 years as a licensed adjuster working with lawfirms, investigating, attending trials and mediations to negotiate settlements and contracts. Some of these cases had news noterity. After retiring, i was hired by multiple lawfirms to negogiate settlements on behalf of their clients. I am also a licensed realestate agent. My goal for Nottingham Country is to keep the neighborhood family friendly, homeowner oriented, safe and increasing our property values.

Robert Reukauf
Director, Park Maintenance, Deed Restrictions 
Robert Reukauf is a dedicated Christian who is happily married to his wife Avery. They have three wonderful children. Robert is a retired Army veteran who now runs his own small business, drawing on his experience and entrepreneurial drive. Since January 2023, the Reukauf family has been living in the lovely Nottingham Country community, where they actively participate in their local church and engage with the surrounding community.
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