About Nottingham Country

Our homes were built in the 1970s and 1980s, so our trees are very well established and add a great deal of natural beauty to our neighborhood.

Another factor that makes us stand out is the fact that our architecture is remarkably diverse. No two houses are exactly alike, which gives our neighborhood wonderful character.

Nottingham Country offers other great benefits as well. These include an exemplary school system, reasonable homeowner dues ($300 per year), a monthly newsletter, a very dedicated HOA board, and of course friendly neighbors. We also have a pool, eight tennis courts, a community center and a great park with a walking track. Our community-oriented MUD is exclusive to our neighborhood, and we have constables that patrol 24/7. Additionally, we host a variety of community events throughout the year.

We are a subdivision of 2,300 homes in Katy, Texas, and we are located south of I-10. Our rough borders are I-10 to Highland Knolls and Fry Road to Westgreen. Our HOA is called the Nottingham Country Community Improvement Association (NCCIA). As our home page says, we really do believe it is a wonderful place to live.

(Please note: If you live in Section 10, your HOA is not the NCCIA. Yours is Nottingham Country Fund Inc., and it can be found here — nottinghamcountryfund.com.)

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